Thursday, February 3, 2011

Dolly-kei lolita

I tried putting together a dolly-kei influence lolita coord for a local meetup the other day. I'm very new at dolly-kei and don't really know what i'm doing however. The scarf really matches the color of the roses on that pompadour dress, and also has a similar green color to it. I discovered after this picture was taken that it looks best when placed below the second bow, but never took a picture of that. Sorry!
I can never get my rocking horse shoes to stay up, how do you do it?

Here is he headband I bought to match at Claire's! I love that store, don't you? I really like the "girl from the woods" vibe to this outfit!
As you can see, I got my bangs cut recently! I love them.


Anonymous said...

Lovely outfit, I really see the dollykei inspiration :) The headband is very classy! You are too cute~

Anonymous said...

Hey! Wonderful coord. he headband is especially pretty. It's look awesome with some vertically-striped tights, though.
Dunno, that just struck me.
Great blog, BTW.