Sunday, July 25, 2010

A webcomic

As a young child on the internet I loved webcomics. I had always toyed around with making one but never really got to it. Again i've been thinking about one, since I've gotten a new tablet!
I don't have the characters of plot really concrete yet, but I think I would like it to be a sweet romantic friendship tale between two young girls, one who happens be a deer! Haha~
But then I am also thinking of just using this idea for November's Nanowrimo.

The deer girl, I quite like her eyes. I think her name would be Claurice.

I really am not sure what I would name this character. (Why did this one turn out so yellow? Haha)

I think I would like to set this tale in Sweden, mostly because I want a white desolate environment similar to the movie Let the Right One In.

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after3 said...

I would love this. You must follow you instincts on this one.