Friday, July 23, 2010

Anime Fest Wichita

Anime Fest Wichita happened this weekend. It was a lot of fun for being the tiiiiiiniest convention I had even been to. I think there were only about 4 lolitas xD

My camera died the first day, so most of these pictures were taken by some are from me however, so that's why some images may differ in... flash use, or something.

Group closet shot!

Print detail.

Shoe detail!

Meta LP washcloth makes every bathroom more lolita!

The first day was Innocent World day! This was taken by some random photographer dude thus the superior image quality. However he was making me quite nervous, making me screw my face completely up and trying to look away xD sorry.

Sock shot! We recently got a SS order in and were very excited!

LARP lolita! There was a vendor in the dealer's room selling leather crafted items. We decided that this one looked sort of like wings and should be tried on!

Dollhouse print! I love this OP so much! Maybe I'll steal it, ahahahahaha.

White truffles! These guys were so nice ;^; they gave everyone hugs, and waved at us, and peeked out from elevators at us. We discovered that they were staying on the same floor, so we wrote them a note saying "We love you!" with little chibi doodles of us and slid it under their door!

There was a grand piano! I had to pose with it! Actually there were two. All I know how to play however is Frère Jacques (how on earth do I spell that?)

...for some reason I had to hide in the corner? I honestly can't remember why.


We thus decided it was time to emerge from the hotel in search of some real food (ie: not sweets) it was very humid outside, plus driving in lolita is awful, so we toned down our outfits a bit and added shades 8D

I beat up little girls! But actually, this was the boffer tournament. I was the weakest looking one there so they chose me to fight the little girl xDD. SO I KNOCKED HER OVER AND CHOPPED HER IN HALF! But not really, we had fun.

Blur Action shot!

But then they made me fight a guy in the second round and I lost. Boooooo.

The second day, Juliette et Justine and Alice and the Pirates! My camera was alive long enough to take this one picture on the second day, then to die immediately.


We ended up finding the boffers on the second day and decided to pose with them. Valerie looks much more dainty with it then I do.

I'm like a viking!

The lolita tea party happened, but with hardly any lolitas xD. We met this cute girl and sat at a table with her and Disco Gay! I have her added on facebook~.
I really liked the tea sandwiches at the party! And there as a cellist and a violinist!

Steampunkers! They were so awesome, this picture seriously does no justice.

Lace wings!

Hot steampunk babe stockings!

We got to play with their props xD. This is a pimp cane!

This is a gun blade! OMG SO AWESOME. I have to make one.

So we only managed to get a photo of one other lolita D:. The lovely Lauren was there, but was busy behind a vendors booth!


Kuuki said...

Juste a French little girl passer by by Frère Jacques is perfectly spelled ^^

Cpt Pownzor said...

gun blade looks super cool

Chris said...

gun blade is awesome.