Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I've gotten back into collecting Pokemon as I may have mentioned in an earlier post of mine. It happened when I discovered a community for buying and selling that I remember how much I used to love them.
I am mainly only interested in the first two generations however, I hardly know the others.

Some recent gets;

Bonsly, Eevee, and Cyndaquil

Quagsire, Bonsly, and Koffing

I drew and watercolored Espeon! I'm wanting to do some commissions eventually so I need to do more in order to showcase my work. You can see it on Devart as well here


Goths in hot weather, or, what I wore to eat phở today.


after3 said...

Ive added you to my D.A. watch list.


Anonymous said...

So many Pokemon plushies XDDD
I love your drawing, great job~~