Sunday, March 21, 2010

The most casual lolita possible

It doesn't get anymore casual lolita than this. Seriously though, a nice roomy dress is so much easier to slip on than a sweat suit, why don't more people do this? They'd look much cuter. This is the sort of outfit I wear to college when putting a decent outfit together at 6am is just too much to ask.
I'm pretty sure this outfit makes most lolita's eye bleed however, ha! The general consensus is that Uggs are ugly, which is true, but it's part of the reason that I love them. Plus, I knew i'd be going to college when I bought them, they're practically a nessesity on campus. Half of me was being sarcastic there.

Outfit rundown:
Dress- Bodyline
Shoes- Airwalk, not even real Uggs, ha!

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